My name is Lizy, and I’m a holistic nutritionist.

Since I was a young child, I would question everything that was fed to me. “What is that? Is it healthy? How? What does it do for me?” Sorry, Mom.

I recall witnessing family members suffer from health issues and feeling utterly helpless. I decided that when I grew up, I would pursue a career in medicine so that I could “fix people.”

So there I was, in my early twenties, an aspiring physician (or physician’s assistant). I graduated with my Biology pre-med degree and started working as a medical scribe for the experience. I worked in several emergency departments and, let me tell you, it could be quite daunting. Very rewarding, but very daunting.

Healthcare practitioners are truly heroes. They dedicate years to studying, practicing, and finally establishing a career to be able to help save lives. I have had the pleasure to work alongside an incredible group of physicians and see into their brains. I will never take for granted the knowledge I gained from these brilliant people.

This was my issue; so many patients, particularly in the emergency department, had medical issues that could undoubtedly be helped through simple lifestyle changes. (I mean, metabolic syndrome in my area seems to be a right of passage). However, amidst seeing so many patients per day, it is typical for our healthcare providers to mumble off some generic lifestyle change suggestions and assign medication orders or prescriptions as though these little pills and formulas could only do good. Now, there is absolutely a time and a place for medication. However, it is a common misconception to think that a. medicine is only good, and b. treating the symptoms treats the disease.

This can be a touchy subject. My goal is never to undermine western medicine, it’s simply to have us remember that prevention, first and foremost, is most powerful, and that addressing the root is the problem and integrating lifestyle changes as a first step can be incredibly valuable. It is not often something that some doctors are willing to suggest or that some patients are even willing to hear. So, relying on the kidney- and liver- damaging medications to momentarily address temporary symptoms of a bigger cause, is not ultimately yielding the best result for the patient.

Thus, I decided to fully commit to the thing that I’ve always had a huge passion for – nutrition – specifically, holistic and functional nutrition. Here’s why I think that I can offer some good perspective; as I have mentioned, I am more intrigued by a holistic approach to living. Living, eating, exercising, thinking, socializing, and so on, to aid in the prevention of illnesses. It sounds political. It’s not. It sounds “hippie.” It’s not. In fact, in my own opinion, denying it is ignorant. It’s such an undeniable and accessible tool. Accepting and incorporating productive lifestyle choices in order to be healthier is not denying science. It’s about our psychology, physiology, biochemistry – it’s science! All I’m saying is, let food be thy medicine FIRST. This is just my little disclaimer.

Your newest partner in crime,

Lizy (with one “z”)

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