I don’t want you to “eat healthy,” I want you to eat nutritiously. Nutritiously does not mean counting calories or eating oatmeal and chicken breast every day. Nutritiously means taking advantage of the most nutrient dense treats nature has provided us with and achieving a wonderful quality of life.

You can find thousands of people who are willing to tell you about health, nutrition, and overall wellness. But why. Why does it matter?

-Because it affects every, single, aspect, of your life.

Let me tell you, for me, weight loss is not the primary goal. That’s not what’s going to keep me motivated long term. Living like a healthy, happy, optimistic, high-energy, high-functioning, athletic, intelligent badass is what’s going to keep me (hopefully us) going on this journey.

-And, knowledge bomb for you courtesy of my favorite scientific field of study called epigenetics; it also affects your children and their children.

What will you find in this blog? You’ll discover ways to unleash your potential. I cannot yet call myself an expert, but I promise that I have and will always continue to learn and experiment in order to share my experiences. You have probably had that new years resolution just like the rest of us. To be healthier and get in shape. Let me enlighten you on what I’ve found to be the best ways to stay consistent on these types of goals.

-Consume the knowledge that is out there. Subscribe to a few great health blogs (you’re one step closer), listen to a wellness podcast while you walk your dog, read a paleo or keto-based cookbook, heck – follow that healthy foodie account on Instagram. Bring up these topics with others so that you may find someone else that wants to join and uplift you on your journey. Because it IS all about the journey.

-Have high standards. This is where I’m going to be a little bit picky and suggest that rather than just reading MyFitnessPal or Cosmo articles, you actually look into things such as holistic nutrition and “biohacking”. While this may not be exactly your cup of tea, I promise that you will learn an enormous amount of quality knowledge that you otherwise wouldn’t have on the back of your whole-grain pasta box.

-Be mindful and actually notice your mind and body thanking you when you treat it properly.

I  know there are tons of health and nutrition blogs out there. Call me narcissistic, but I honestly feel that I have at least some unique insight and I’d love to share it with whoever will listen.

Thank you for joining me and welcome to Project Nutritiously

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