We’re not going to get into anything major today, just fun stuff.

Protect your beautiful eyes – proceed that Netflix marathon with caution. 

  • As much as I love a geeky-cute pair of glasses, I don’t need enhancement. However, I do suffer from dry eyes and occasional headaches after too much time looking at screens or being under fluorescent lighting. Not that long ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead without eye drops in my pocket at work – and we’re talking just a few hours in front of a laptop. Here’s how I’ve hacked the crap out of that problem:
  • I wear blue light blocking glasses. Yes, it’s a bit awkward to explain to people that your glasses aren’t prescription, but LIFE IS GOOD NOW. I got my pairs from Firmoo and Eye Buy Direct. I simply picked my favorite frame and opted for the digital screen protection option with no Rx.
  • Night-mode is life-mode. I keep this setting on my phone at all times. Sure, it’s a little weird at first, but you get used to it. Next thing you know, your friend’s screen will look like the gates of heaven are opening up every time they get a text.
  • F.lux gets installed on my laptop, and any other computer I have to use gets the brightness setting turned to zero and the color setting set to warm.
  • Lastly, a good supplement that contains fish oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, and leutin is your new best friend. I have my mother and grandmother, both diagnosed with macular degeneration, taking the eye health pill from Nordic Naturals and they seem to notice some improvement in eye fatigue and eyesight.

Hydrate more – because you need yet another person haggling you about this, and I accept this challenge. 

  • Drink a liter of water in the morning before even touching your coffee. You might get, you know, that urge, before you even start sipping on that cup of coffee.
  • Definitely, aim to drink a minimum of 2L per day, but try to separate this from your meals.
  • Drink a calming tea before bed along with a magnesium supplement. I’m a big fan of drinking chamomile tea at night if I’m not feeling very sleepy, and peppermint tea if I still feel uncomfortably full from dinner.

Detox – because it’s important and gives you an excuse to do weird things. 

(There will be a post dedicated to detox, sit tight!)

  • Take activated charcoal when you feel that you’ve had something that upset your stomach or has made you feel foggy, sluggish, or bloated. Go ahead and take it precautionary with unhealthy meals and alcoholic drinks. Guys, if you haven’t discovered activated charcoal, you’re about to have your world rocked.
  • Prop your legs up on a stool when you use the restroom for a better BM. By now, I am sure you have heard of the Squatty Potty. Save your money and use the freaking trash can if you must.
  • Try oil pulling. This is that weird thing where you swish coconut oil in your mouth like mouthwash for a few minutes. The ideas behind it include drawing toxins from the body but also do wonders for your oral health. The reason I like it is that it has helped with my sensitive teeth, but it also has a whitening effect.

Train your brain – because it rhymes.

  • Each morning while you drink your coffee, do Sudoku, use a brain-game or language learning app (i like Peak), or ditch this idea altogether and simply write a quick gratitude or goal list for the day. The idea is that having a small, enjoyable ritual in the morning will get you in the right mindset for the rest of your day. Sometimes you might want to skip doing it in the morning and use it as an excuse to take a mid-day break instead.
  • Think happy thoughts and get some sunlight every day.
  • Realize that you’re already perfect. Instead of chasing a specific unrealistic dream, chase improvement every day, and you’ll accomplish so much more that way.


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