Berkey Water Filters

Filtered and purified water is a key component of a healthy home and healthy body. Our current tap water supplies contain a range of contaminants known to have negative health outcomes. To see what could be in your tap water, check the ‘water quality search’ tab at the bottom of the Berkey website to see results from the EWG. From heavy metals to nasty pathogens. You’ll be shocked. I’m such a fan of this convenient, cute, and portable option that I reached out and got an affiliate link that will provide you with a discount.:)


If you follow along on Instagram, then you already know my love affair with this brand. I never want to be salesy and pushy but you would think they’re sponsoring me because I just can’t shut up about them. Their Masszymes digestive enzyme is a game changer. I would sit here and list my favorite products and what I love about them, but instead, I want you to reach out to me directly and I’ll tell you what I’d recommend for your lifestyle and needs! 

Heart and Soil

Struggling to source (or stomach) organ meats? Start here. (Not affiliated). 

Dime Beauty

I can and have written a thesis on how what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies. If we can slowly replace some of our beauty and body care products for a non-top version as they run out, we’re decreasing our toxic load and improving our health. With so many more natural options on the market nowadays, it’s easy to find amazing and effective versions of just about everything. Dime’s skincare (& perfume) is a current favorite.

Jolie Shower Filter

Remember what I said about our tap water? Remember what I said about our skin being very absorbent? I didn’t want to be absorbing and inhaling toxic substances whilst trying to get “clean”, but I was also sick of having dry skin, dry scalp, dry hair, and mineral deposits all over my shower. This Jolie filter BLESSED me and my household.