Holistic health and nutrition have become so trendy lately. Silly as that is, I love it. If that’s what it takes to lead us all into a health-conscious era, I’m down with it.

It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of avocado toast, acai bowls, and paleo donuts. It’s a natural instinct to see an Instagrammer use probiotics and adaptogens in her smoothies and want to spend every bit of your paycheck on those exact ingredients (using her discount code, of course).

Listen; that’s cool and all, but cute and trendy is not the only way to #health (n.).

I have two main points to make;

  1. Healthy food doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing. Your broccoli doesn’t have to look sexy. (It actually just has to be light to moderately steamed.) Really, all I’m trying to say is that you can take the cute out of the sweet potato, but you can’t take the yum-factor and health-factor away!
  2.  Aesthetically pleasing doesn’t necessarily mean healthy either. Take a good look at some of those popular options. That avocado might be spread on a highly processed piece of bread. That acai bowl might be packed with extra sugar. That vegan bar might still be processed and contain fillers. Now, this isn’t all-inclusive. There are some great brands out there that make products that truly are healthy alternatives. Just be on the lookout for the sneaky advertising and obnoxious health claims, and quit feeling bad about yourself because you can’t afford daily ginger shots from the nearby juicery.

You just have to do your best.

Much, much love,


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